About Me

Let me tell you a few things...



I am a Developer, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Graphics Designer And Music & Video Producer. I can Build Android Apps as well as Websites for your Business or Personal use. I also Conduct Seminars on Programming and I also take Programming classes known as Programming Masters.

My Work Experience

Dot 53


Launched 15 android apps on google play store and created 5 websites from scratch. Managed development, UI/UX, marketing, analytics, SEO, user database etc.
(Photoshop, Adobe XD, Wordpress Android, Java, HTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/PHP, Firebase)



Created a website for my college in which currently I am studying at from scratch using wordpress and also created an android app for the college pointing to the website.
(Wordpress, Android, Java)



Created a website for a bonding and adhesive chemical producing company, containing pictorial details about their product and a contact form, Build this website in such a way that it remained as a static website even though there is the contact form collecting user email and message, Managed Hosting and Domain registration and pointing domain to the website hosted on the different web hosting site, also created an android app containing their product details and registration and authentication facility.
(HTML 5/CSS, Android, Java, Google Forms)



Created an android application for project creator startup containing user registration and authentication, database, courses details etc.
(Android, Java, Firebase)

Toloba ul kulliyat il mumenoon


Created an android app for an non-profit organization including feature specs like live score, live news and database etc.
(Android, Java, Firebase)

Manha Poultry Farm


Created a billing app, which generates PDF by taking input data from the user and generates bill in table format according to the data inserted by automatically calculating the prices and total amount of products.
(Android, Java)